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Calendar seminars

Seminars and workshops on the teachings of Grigory Grabovoja

Impulses of eternal life @ Ljubljana , Hotel M
Dec 6 @ 09:00 – Dec 8 @ 17:00

Author seminar Grigory Grabovoy

Impulses of eternal life

lecturer: Vyacheslav Konev, graduate predavatalej Science Grigory Grabovoy

Translates: Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer, Bachelor of Science Professor Grigory Grabovoy

when: Friday through Sunday, 6. – 8. 12. 2019, every day from 9.00 to 17.00

Region: Ljubljana, Hotel M, Derčeva 4

techniques, which will be discussed in this seminar, They are taken from the practical application of people, which večnoživeči in his physical body, which in itself speaks about their effectiveness. However, these techniques are also useful in the present, if we are properly understood.

Impulses "eternal life" are those, which can be generated by man himself, but may also pulses "eternal life" as such. One of the fundamental objectives of this seminar is to raise awareness of the fact, that every man may independently be included in the system of "eternal life" in order to ensure eternal life itself and all. For the moment, the inclusion of eternal life already begins to exist in humans as a system, It can immediately informed using the technology - it is oriented to their needs.

techniques, enabling integration are simple and are easy to learn everyone. Based on the use of "number", optical elements of the management and development of administering thinking. It is very important, that due to the participants a more detailed understanding of the mechanism and the essence of management with the help of "numeric string", although the author of this seminar does not specifically address.

Due to the specific mode, on the understanding whatsoever is formed by using numbers, Techniques of this seminar help on the one hand, a deeper understanding of such other materials Doctrine, as well as other scientific material, research and general disciplines, as well as the development of civilization as a whole.

Special mention, that the understanding of "impulsivity" useful when working with static systems Eternity, ki so, among other things,, also used in devices for the development of the concentrations of eternal life - PRK-1U.

All techniques are useful for immediate scaling Health, Management Events, ensuring the stability of any knowledge, correcting external events, the physical body. While at the same time also provide eternal life itself and all.


  • Technique "three digits" for inclusion in the system of eternal life.
  • The technique of light rays and the thought of working with "numbers".
  • The technique of observation of creation "numbers" in the process of functioning of the human mind.
  • Techniques reduction in the weight of any object or of the object in terms of the force of gravity.
  • Technological approach change in the structure of past events and the consequent creation of a new direction of events in the present and future.
  • The technique of understanding, How do current events beneficial.
  • Techniques firm fixation of a positive future in the eternal time.
  • Techniques for establishing the proper functioning of the mechanisms of the physical body.
  • Technology for the development of selected organs in the body.
  • The technique of the original pulse Council.

Seminar with expanded clarifications will be given in the same order as the author Grigory Grabovoy seminar "The Science of God. Impulses of eternal life,"Which was first performed Grabovoj 11. August 2015. This is already the fifth seminar in the series 12 of 2015, by Grabovoj dedicated technology Eternity. As with all seminars of 2015, is the creation of the material Grigory Grabovoy use the method of administering forecasting to ensure eternal life.

The seminar takes place in the form of a seminar - workshop, where the theoretical background complemented by targeted practical exercises. Each seminar brings always new techniques, that are easy, but at the same time extremely efficient. There will always be given the answers to the questions of participants. The seminar will be in Russian with consecutive translation into English.


The seminar is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners, because Doctrine Grigory Grabovoy in itself contains system, which allows each, to develop their consciousness and especially immediately use all the techniques learned at any seminar or workshop in everyday life.
The seminar is part of educational programs Grigory Grabovoy Doctrine and Training Center for students considered as fulfilled obligations from the program.

Lecturer Vyacheslav Konev gives knowledge in the same way, kot avtor Nauka, Grigori Grabovoi, conceptually, consequently, where a knowledge defines the following knowledge and understanding. Logically linked with each other to develop an understanding of the overall picture, which is essential for the successful and rapid achievement of results management.

Applications: to 20.11.2019

energy exchange: 339 €; Price for members of the Society of Eternal Light, students and seniors: 298 €;
lower price applies to all applications up to and including 10. 11. 2019.

Payment on the first day of the seminar, or via bank account:
names: Seminar (date)
WERE GOING: SI56 6100 0000 9050 641
BIC of the beneficiary's bank: HDELSI22
The recipient: EHO PR, Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer, s.p., Drenik 18, 1000 Ljubljana

Information and registration:
Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer, T: +386 (0)51 378 405

Organisers: Elizabeth Drummer er and the Association of Eternal Light.

In ny participant will receive a certificate of attendance and a free audio recording. Bring a USB flash drive, which should be in an envelope with a return address. Soundtrack you after the technical treatment received by mail at home. The seminar will be in Russian with translation into English.

Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer, organizer and translator, She is a lecturer at the Training Centre for Education
Science Grigory Grabovoj, Director General Training Centre is Grigori Grabovoi.Vsa education, organized and / or implement Elizabeth Drummer Zer carried out under the direct instructions of the author, and in accordance with the principles
University Grigory Grabovoja (the establishment).

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Scaling events in everyday life: 46818

Microsystems eternal life, 10-day seminar in the presence of a system-related 22 devices PRK-1U @ Belgrade Stari Grad, Serbia
Dec 9 – Dec 18 all-day

10-day seminar in the presence of a system-related 22 devices PRK-1U-tri-modal diamond

Microsystems eternal life

Will be carried out SLOVENIAN - is already enough applications - INVITED TO JOIN

lecturer: Vyacheslav Konev, graduate predavatalej Science Grigory Grabovoy

Translates: Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer, Bachelor of Science Professor Grigory Grabovoy

when: december 9 – 18, 2019,

Timetable: 9. – 11. 12. 2019 from 16:00 to 21:30
12. - 18. 12. 2019 from 09:00 to 15:00

Region: Kosovska street 17, Belgrade Stari Grad, Serbia

Seminar Microsystems to provide eternal life Grigory Grabovoy created with the aim of, link capability management of an infinite number of microsystems to accelerate the achievement of their own goals and objectives at the macro level.

In addition, we realize the role and importance of man in the provision of eternal life also all, which was created as a living. The man is simply achieved and implemented with the development of our own consciousness, which is actively used for the realization of its objectives. The most important is, it can do for himself. Given the number of new and effective techniques, useful for achieving different objectives: self-healing, renewal, help another human being, scaling of any events until the macro. Particular emphasis will be on the management of events in the future, specifically the very useful and may be using an "axis of time".

Pudarki of content:

  • Techniques for working with the axis of time for quick access and scaling of any event in time and space.
  • We learn constantly recurring human spiritual impulse, which defines all the development in the future.
  • Know point "the light of the organization of all events in the future," and technology to offset the impact of difficult events in the past to the present.
  • A technique for self-sufficiency facilities information, For example, computer programs, internet.
  • Technique "sharp leap of consciousness" for further unpacking and development makrodogodkov in Council.
  • The technique of harmonizing and healing the physical body via the steering speed spiritual structures.
  • Operation of the Soul and the Creator of balancing creative Light.
  • Realize the true physical body, by a man and techniques for monitoring the condition of the body and necessary samoobnovo.
  • Management at the macro level through the microsystem points with the help of Consciousness.

Theoretical and practical description of the techniques; each participant provides a full understanding of the work of the future, which enables the development of such a harmonic interval, which man has created for himself, as all events in the world at all. With a special technique, called "technique vrvohodca", You provide a steady level of development and self-sufficiency of their own events around the world and even the mere presence of human physical body. Using special techniques "sphere of eternity" can be seen, how each information object filled with life, understood, how the Creator created the world from nothing as, So we understand the process of the creation of light, from which it was created the world.

Applications: to 2.12.2019

Information and registration:
Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer, T: +386 (0)51 378 405

Organizer: Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer

For a more detailed description you can click on the button below to download the document in PDF format in the Slovenian or Russian.

Numeric string to spread the teachings Grigory Grabovoja worldwide: 51967459487461_48
Scaling events in everyday life: 46818