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Seminars, webinars and workshops on the teachings of Grigory Grabovoy

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Education Programme 2021 @ Webinar
Jan 1 – Dec 31 all-day

Education Programme 2021

All webinars will be given at the multilanguage platform.

Programme in English

Program v slovenščini

Program in German

Education in the year 2021

Go deeper, expand, strengthen your understanding of yourself, near and far surroundings, of all creation.
Our consciousness perceives it as real, what is perceived. Let him perceive the knowledge of a harmonious life, eternal development, rejuvenation, effective self-medication, spiritual development. Our Soul in Duh they are eternal. Dopustimo, to transmit the knowledge of our eternal life consciousness in physical body.
Experienced lecturers they will lead you to a more aware and therefore more efficient daily operation in the business, society, interpersonal relationships, relation to oneself.
Program it is diverse and suitable for anyone and everyone. Everyone develops, regardless of foreknowledge.
We are also preparing other forms education, exercises, workshop, total concentrations, led by Viacheslav Konev and Elizabeta Bobnar Najžer.
Individual forms will be shorter in time, therefore more often, yet others will be devoted to in-depth intensive work on oneself. It is possible to participate in international groups.

And last but not least, we are also preparing favorable energy exchange opportunities. More on that soon!

With Love for Eternal Development!

Beti Elizabeta and Team Grabovoi Team

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