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A harmonious life for me and everyone @ webinar, Slovene
Sep 13 2021 @ 20:00 – Jan 17 2022 @ 21:30

A harmonious life for me and everyone

3 - monthly regular work using the works and technical devices of Grigory Grabovoy

sell: Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer, Bachelor of Science Professor Grigory Grabovoy

when: 13. 9. 2021 to 13. 12. 2021, every Monday from 20:00 to 21:30

Access: vebinar, ZOOM application, access via computer, telefona, tables

Language: Slovene.

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invited to participate in the group for systematic work with techniques of Grigory Grabovoy. We will be together for three months and monitor progress regularly. We will combine management for joint and personal tasks and scientific research on the relationship between actual management and achievement of results.

We will learn to think creatively, harmoniously. We will learn to develop and use clairvoyance in practice, governing clairvoyance and other structures of consciousness.

We will do resurrection exercises for ourselves and for others.

We will answer all questions each week, which will occur.

Please note, that participation in the work of the new group must be active.

At the beginning, everyone will fill out a short survey about the basic data and the desired goals. You can change your goals whenever you want, you will just write this in the report.
We will meet together once a week, on other days, everyone will independently implement concentrations for goals, which you have set for yourself - and - most importantly- regularly monitor the results.
It is best to record the results on an ongoing basis, may be during the concentration itself or immediately after it.
We will manage every day for ourselves at least 30 minutes. You can work and report for others as well. It is advisable to work for others, you can devote extra management time to this.

General instructions for completing the daily progress report:

  • date - if you have performed the concentration several times, specify the same date and new hours.
  • Rezultat: you can write a concrete result, realization of a task or goal, can be feelings or states (feeling cold, topline, expansion of space, drget, vibrations, ants, …)
    or conditions (more collected, easy implementation of concentration regardless of length, pleasure, relief, feeling of breathing, burden reduction, new thoughts - related to the solution of the task, …)

Our work is of an educational nature, which is legally based on 26. Article "Universal Declarations of Human Rights", confirmed by a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly, according to which everyone has the right to education. Education must be directed towards the full development of the human personality.

Our work in the form of workshops, meetings, seminars, webinars and other forms of education are not a medical activity and are intended to achieve the norm on the basis of one's own development and in no way restrict the right to do so., to contact licensed physicians, hospitals and other public health facilities.

Information and registration:

Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer, T: +386 (0)51 378 405

energy exchange: free, mandatory registration.

Organizer: Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer


With the application form.

After registration, you will receive a confirmation of successful registration and other access information to your e-mail address.

Only a one-time registration is required to enroll in the program HARMONIC LIFE OF ME AND EVERYONE.

Links to access the ZOOM webinars will be posted online in the meetings program.

Published material

Content posted on Center-Grabovoi Memberships Portal or on a special website of the 3-month workshop "A harmonious life for me and everyone".

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6.9. presentation

13.9. (1.) What is it: form of information?

20.9. (2.) Form of information - ball

27.9. (3.) Continuous management

4.10. (4.) Standardization of destructiveness

11.10. (5.) Geometric construction

18.10. (6.) Normal and management biosignal

25.10. (7.) How to foster positive thinking

15.11. (9.) Regeneration of removed tissues

22.11. (10.) The state of eternal life

29.11. (11.) Exercise for immortality and resurrection

Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer, licensed lecturer, organizer and translator, She is a lecturer at the Training Centre for Science Education Grigory Grabovoja, Director General Training Center is Grigori Grabovoi.a
all education, organized and / or implement Elizabeth Drummer Zer carried out under the direct instructions of the author, and in accordance with the principles of the University Grigory Grabovoja (the establishment).
Elizabeth has in-depth knowledge of the Doctrine, and extensive experience in negotiation skills, personal counseling, management teams. It has a large number of results of a treasury management, It has successfully advised numerous in standardizing health, events in life, financial situations, family relationships, partnership relations, priholoških problems.
Is committed to the accurate transmission of information Grigory Grabovoy, It provides high-quality handover of knowledge and effective use in their own lives..

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