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Successful completion of the seminar “Principle vsesplošnosti eternal life” in “Management techniques of the past and the future of Consciousness”

Testimonials from satisfied participants testify to the exceptional quality of lecturers and beautiful new skills. Seminar: G.Grabovoi: Principle vsesplošnosti eternal life More about the program of the seminar …. Seminar: G.Grabovoi: Management techniques of the past and the future of Consciousness Learn more about the seminar … lecturer: Vyacheslav Konev, More About the lecturer …. Licensed lecturer and translator: Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer, more...

14.11. Happy Birthday

Birthday wish Dr.. Grigori Grabovoi all the best, a lot of happiness and joy and eternal life. Center-Grabovo To celebrate the birthday of Dr.. Grigori Grabovoi, 14. 11. , we invite you to a lecture Web Grigory Grabovoja "Technology education for eternal life" Learn more about the lecture …

Founded the company Grigori Grabovoi d.o.o.

Founded the company Grigori Grabovoi l.l.c., whose sole founder is Grigori Grabovo. The company was founded in Belgrade, according to the principles of economy Eternal Development. more: in Poslovne dejavnosti so razdeljene na: 1.1. Business brokerage and manufacture products 1.2. University "Grigori Grabovo" 1.3. Branding "Grabovoi®" and "Grigori Grabovoi®"