Devices and patents

Devices and patents

What is the moral of Grigory Grabovoj different from other ways of development of consciousness?
V tem, that his thesis scientifically justified, theoretically described, ekperimenti support a repeatable and proven results. Therefore, his knowledge of science. In addition to the five PhDs, three in the field of mathematical and physical sciences and two in the field of information science, It has also registered two patents for their inventions.

On the basis of patents are designed assemblies and technical improvements, It can be ordered, and to buy. Author personally oversee every project, based on its products.

1. installations

Currently available devices:

Segment 1.а: Production facilities on the basis of the patent "crystal module"

segment 1b: The conversion of solar energy into heat and electricity

Production equipment for various useful purposes on the basis of patents Grigory Grabovoja, using crystalline modules and other systems.

  • Solar cells

    Solar cells

    The conversion of solar energy into heat and electricity involves research, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of solar panels, batteries and other devices....Read more "

2. licenses