Association of Eternal Light

Association of Eternal Light

FB: The eternal light

Association Center for spiritual techniques "eternal light", that connects users and spiritual techniques Grigori Grabovoi, voluntarily, independently, nepridobitno, Humanitarian equal association of natural persons, which are bound together with a view to promoting, implementation and development of alternative forms of treatment, education, training, exchange of experience and technical information, promotion, development and improvement in the field of spiritual techniques, health, health, ecology, food, healthy lifestyle and voluntary activities.

It was founded 6. 9. 2012 in Ljubljana, which also has a seat.


Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer, President, Peter Bukovec, Vice-President, Darinka Preston, secretary.

The annual membership fee

For the calendar year is 30 €.
Remittances by TRR: SI56 6100 0000 6398 855 opened at the Workers' savings d. d., Ljubljana.



Regular meetings in Ljubljana - a tradition since 2012: Lecture companies Inter-shirts, Nazorjeva 85, every Monday at 18:00. Paktične joint exercises by topic Doctrine Grigory Grabovoja. Work for personal goals, work for common goals, work for the eternal life of each and all. water: Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer, Licensed lecturer Training Centre Grigori Grabovo. Organizer: Association of Eternal Light.


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Rights and duties of members of the Association Center for spiritual techniques "eternal light"


  • By signing the declaration provides member, that the information is true,
  • member confirms, that it is familiar with the statute and other acts of the Association and agrees with them,
  • member allows public use and the use of photographs, videos and other media materjialov, on a website, etc., for the purpose of the society and its promotion,
  • member attending the activities of the Association at their own risk.

duties of members:

  • to comply with the statute and other acts and decisions of the organs of the Society,
  • to actively participate and contribute through their work to achieve the objectives and tasks of the association,
  • to regularly pay the membership fee,
  • to protect and enhance the reputation of the Society,
  • to economically handle material goods Society.

The rights of members are:

  • to elect and be elected to bodies of Association,
  • to participate in the activities of the Society,
  • to participate in drawing up development policies and programs of the Society and are familiar with the operations of the Association,
  • Embed appeal to the authorities of the Society.

Association Center for spiritual techniques "eternal light", Drenik 18, 1000 Ljubljana
MŠ: 4050100000 DŠ: 96203005 TRR SI56 6100 0000 6398 855 opened at the Workers' savings d. d., Ljubljana