Lecturers on the teachings of Dr.. Grigori Grabovoi

We are a team of experienced trainers and consultants in the personal growth and eternal development, dedicated to the spread of the doctrine Grigori Grabovoi.

Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer

Holds a sub-license for the transmission doctrine Dr.. Grigori Grabovoi since 2013 further. Mobi: 051 378 405

Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer, prof. Slovene and Russian., he met with the teachings of Grigory Grabovoja in 2011. First, through his books, then also through seminars. in 2013 He has received a license for the transmission of his teaching in the field of EU. He also attended special training for lecturers, designed by Grigory Grabovoj himself, carried out by its Commissioner Dr.. Marina Morozkina. Further he trained with the first medium and the lecturer teaching of Dr. Grigory Grabovoja. Vyacheslav Konjevu. The material for seminars translated directly from Russian, their issues are addressed directly Dr.. Grigoriju Grabovoju.
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Viacheslav Konev

Has a personal license for copyright lectures, seminars Ph.D.. Grigori Grabovoi , his close associate and lawyer. He graduated from the Medical Faculty of Law and, It works as a lawyer in the city of Tumen and skilled lecturer in EU countries.

Author seminars of Grigori Grabovoi containing concentrated knowledge, by Vjacheslav Konev across very understandable, suitable for both beginners and advanced users technician foreground. The total concentration help fast, accurate and in-depth information conquer doctrine Grigory Grabovoja and are integrally linked.
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Marina Valerjevna Morozkina

Marina Morozkina has a bachelor's doctor and with the teachings of Dr.. Grigori Grabovoi deals since 1992, since 2000 it expands as predavateljca. It is the provider of the introductory course "training program for giving teachings Dr.. Grigorija Grabovoja «, established by Dr.. Grabovoj.

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Veronika Berlič

Veronika Berlič, podlicente the holder to transfer the Doctrine Grigory Grabovoja since 2014, exploring and practicing new technologies of consciousness Dr.. Grigory Grabovoja over 10 let. Its results use technologies achieving demonstrable success in helping people. Veronika Berlič conducted introductory lectures and follow specialized lectures - workshops on the use of new technologies of consciousness.

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