The company Grigori Grabovo d.o.o.

The company "GGdoo-signGrigori Grabovoi d.o.o.»

With great pleasure to announce important and interesting information on, that was 27. 6. 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia founded company "Grigori Grabovo D.O.O." sole founder Dr.. Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi.
The company is established in accordance with the principles of economy Eternal Development, presented the Doctrine of Gregori Grabovoi. Therefore, we can not cooperate with companies or firms, which are in any way directly or indirectly associated with any branches of the military industry. Company motto is "It is better to trade than war!«

Presentation of the business plan

Activity of the company

1. Business brokerage and output devices.
2. University "Grigori Grabovoi".
3. Branding 'Grabovoi "and" Grigori Grabovoi ".

1. Business brokerage and output devices

Business mediation and production facilities are comprised of three parts::

Segment 1.а: Production facilities on the basis of the patent "crystal module"
segment 1b: The conversion of solar energy into heat and electricity
Segment 1.c: The opportunity to participate in the search for investors

Segment 1.а: Production facilities on the basis of the patent "crystal module"

Production equipment for various useful purposes on the basis of patents Grigory Grabovoja, using crystalline modules and other systems.

segment 1b: The conversion of solar energy into heat and electricity

The conversion of solar energy into heat and electricity involves research, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of solar panels, batteries and other devices. The Company has a preliminary contract with the producers and with other natural and legal persons, which will carry out installation and maintenance. The essence of the new business opportunities is to increase the utilization rate of solar energy.

Innovative technical solutions Girgori Grabovoi, allowing more efficient use of solar energy

– They used two parallel reflective surfaces, which provide repeating the reflection of the sun's rays at a certain angle. The absorption of light takes place on the surface of, which has undergone a special topology, allowing the 5 to 7 percent of a higher efficiency than the average. Solar cells operate in cloudy weather and other conditions of poor solar illumination.

– Batteries for solar cells are manufactured using technology Grigory Grabovoja and more efficiently accumulate electric, produced by solar cells. This allows the use of electricity at night and in conditions of, when there is no source of solar energy (no direct sunlight).

– Solar panels can be made on any basis, a collapsible, and by spraying a reflective substance on the surface.

– Additional exceptional solution is to use complex (multiple) monochromatic rays, that intersect at a certain point at a certain height in the atmosphere. Around this point creates scope, that the sun's rays on the way to the receiver of solar energy is split into microwaves. In this way the energy is amplified, It is important to increase the efficiency of converting solar energy.

Holders of license and sublicense and other interested legal entities are invited to participate in the activities of the increase in sales, transmission and acquisition of new customers. Brokers commission is 3 to 10 %, depending on the amount of goods ordered.

Commercial mediation is possible in terms of finding customers for the products of our society, which are manufactured with the use of patents and know-how Grigory Grabovoja. In addition, it is possible intermediation of any other device, manufactured by the company, with whom we have concluded agreements on cooperation.

Segment 1.c: The opportunity to participate in the search for investors

As long as the human consciousness will not develop to the level of using the technique of eternal life, will require various technological devices.
And this is an opportunity for signatories to license and sublicense and other interested parties to search for investors for various projects of the company.

2. University "Grigori Grabovoi".

Educational programs Grigory Grabovoja are made for the efficient development of human consciousness. Therefore, it is part of our company including the establishment of the University "Grigori Grabovo".

The first stage the development of the University is to establish an educational program remotely using internet technologies. The signatories of the license and sublicense have the opportunity to participate as lecturers.

The second stage organizing training courses, created by Grigory Grabovoj, at the University of.

The third stage the establishment of the University "Grigori Grabovo" in Belgrade, Serbia. University curriculum takes place on two levels:

– The first level: lectures on the Doctrine of Gregori Grabovoi there, which will be organized for the faculty in accordance with Sections Doctrine.
– second level: professors from other universities to lecture on the content of their courses at the University "Grigori Grabovo".

The educational program will consist of both, They incorporate sections of the Doctrine Grigory Grabovoja, which relate directly to the selected items. Na first: economy + Economics of eternal life.

3. Branding 'Grabovoi "and" Grigori Grabovoi "

Participation in the promotion of brands Founders is possible in two ways:

– The use of trademarks in your products and / or services.
– Transmission between the trademark owner and legal persons, who wish to use.

Trademarks can be used selectively in one or more activities of the company. Compensation for the use of copyright is 2 %. Agree it is also possible for a standstill period of use copyright, which are not paying compensation.

Additional benefits of using the trademark "Grabovoi" and "Grigori Grabovoi":

A) Better position in the market for products and services, who do not have their own established brand.
B) Cooperation with other companies, using the same brand in the same or other classes.
C) The possibility of continuing education and professional development of habits through the use of specialized electronic books and other materials, who are the users of brands available free of charge.
All of these options will be available to those, using trademarks and groups on Facebook, a special website.

In order to achieve effective cooperation in the field of trademarks, please, to us via e-mail submit an action plan, including schedule.

Trademarks "Grabovo" and "Grigori Grabovo" are divided into seven classes and a few dozen subclasses, which actually offers a wide range of options and everyone can find a desired area of ​​interest and the creation of functioning. For further information, visit our website:

The company "Grigori Grabovo l.l.c." was established 27. 6. 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia.
Its sole founder Dr.. Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi.
The information was first presented to the public via an online notice, 10. 7. 2015.
Additional information: