University "Grigori Grabovoi"

Educational programs Grigory Grabovoja are made for the efficient development of human consciousness. Therefore, part of the operation of the company "Grigori Grabovoi Ltd." the establishment of the University "Grigori Grabovo".

The first stage the development of the University is to establish an educational program remotely using internet technologies. The signatories of the license and sublicense have the opportunity to participate as lecturers.

The second stage organizing training courses, created by Grigory Grabovoj, at the University of.

The third stage the establishment of the University "Grigori Grabovo" in Belgrade, Serbia. University curriculum takes place on two levels:

- Level: lectures on the Doctrine of Gregori Grabovoi there, which will be organized for the faculty in accordance with Sections Doctrine.
- The second level: professors from other universities to lecture on the content of their courses at the University "Grigori Grabovo".

The educational program will consist of both, They incorporate sections of the Doctrine Grigory Grabovoja, which relate directly to the selected items. Na first: economy + Economics of eternal life.

Science-based path to eternal life

Web Conference speakers Izobraževalneca Centre for Teaching Doctrine Grigori Grabovoi
11. June 2016

participated: Marina Morozkina (Russia), Olga Toloshnaja (Kazakhstan), Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer (Slovenia), Igor Babic (Serbia) in Larisa Fomichjova (Russia)

You are invited to visit the web conferencing and presentation systems teaching of Grigori Grabovoi Doctrine in its training center

Training will begin in August in Slovenian.

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