Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer

Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer


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The holder of the license agreement for the use of trademarks Grigori Grabovoi for his work and for publishing books in Slovenian since 2015 further. Licensed lecturer at international level since 2015. Learn how to predavalteljih http://www.legalcenter88.com/prepodavateli/

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  • spread the Doctrine of Grigori Grabovoji "About salvation and harmonious development" and the promotion of Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi labor ;
  • implementation of seminars, workshops, practical exercises for groups and offer personal advice on the use of methods for scaling Grigori Grabovoi life events, restoring health, development of consciousness.

Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer ended the Faculty of Arts at the University and has a degree of Slovenian and Russian. He has many years of experience as a journalist, editor and public relations pro.

The Doctrine Dr.. Grigori Grabovoji "About salvation and harmonious development" met in 2011, when she read the book "The resurrection and eternal life - from now on our reality". Regularly conduct exercises and concentration, and achieved excellent results norms events in everyday life, developments in the field of health, finances, interpersonal relations. Po tem, when it persuaded the actual effectiveness of practical management methods Grigori Grabovoi, It began to transmit knowledge to others, because she wanted, that enables all people eternal life and consistent, always be healthy, live in love and joy.

in 2012 podlicenčno has signed a contract to use the trademark Grigori Grabovoi for its part.

in 2015 she has signed a license agreement for the use of trademarks of Grigori Grabovoi for his work and for publishing books in Slovenian.

September 2012 In Ljubljana, founded club called The Eternal Light, uniting all, who wish to actively teach the Doctrine and enter it in your everyday life. Since its foundation, the President of the Society.

Since January 2013 regular weekly water concentration practical for scaling events, personal development, eternal life and makrorešitev. Since 2015 lead three different teams, especially for beginners and for advanced practitioners, which are regularly attended by 30 to 50 people.

She lectures and seminars for its preparation material, received by participants. The material is translated directly from the works of Grigory Grabovoja in Russian and accompanied by his own experience.

Reports on the results achieved attending the seminars, workshops and practical exercises demonstrating, that knowledge transfers understandable and accurate, allowing people to immediate use Doctrine and achieve its results. Participants at the international form, reported the successful scaling of events in everyday life, standardizing health, financial situation, interpersonal relations, operating results and other.

It is the organizer of seminars for foreign lecturers.

It has experience in consecutive interpretation of seminars from Russian into English and translated books and copyright seminars Grigory Grabovoja into English.

He lectures in Slovenian and English.

She decided to live forever.

motion: "Event management according to the methods Grigory Grabovoja I entered into their daily lives and has become a part of me. I am pleased options, to oversee the harmonious development of events in their lives, the life of my relatives and nearby, harmonize events around the world, which gives me an opportunity, that realizes the functions of your soul and learn to live forever."

List of seminars Science Grigory Grabovoja:

  1. Introductory Seminar on the Doctrine of Gregory Grabovoj.
  2. Methods of concentration.
  3. Renovation of the human organism to the concentration in numbers.
  4. Renovation of matter man with concentrations in the number of.
  5. Numeric arrays psychological scaling.
  6. Numbers for success in business.
  7. Resurrection and eternal life of people - now this is our reality!
  8. Star number for eternal life.
  9. Numerical Atlas of Creation human and eternal life.

Today, the dissemination of doctrine Grigory Grabovoja "About redemption and harmonious development" important and necessary factor, which affect the achievement of faster and ensure eternal, healthy and harmonious life for everyone.
The teachings cover all areas of human life. Basic and key element in them is to achieve salvation in any combination of events. Due to the technician's own conscience by studying part Grigory Grabovoja builds a certain amount of control for true perpetual development of ourselves and other people. The effectiveness of methods and techniques Doctrine Grigory Grabovoja has been demonstrated scientifically and repeatedly confirmed by practical results.

Diplomas and Certificates

Diploma with honors specialized Doctrine Grigory Grabovoy. Publisher Training Center training program on the Doctrine Grigory Grabovoy. Serial number 14, issued 12. brand 2018

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