Marina Valerjevna Morozkina

Marina Valerjevna Morozkina

Marina Morozkina has a bachelor's doctor and with the teachings of Dr.. Grigori Grabovoi deals since 1992, since 2000 it expands as predavateljca. It is the provider of the introductory course "training program for giving teachings Dr.. Grigorija Grabovoja «, established by Dr.. Grabovoj.

in 1988 taškentski graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and obtained doctor degree. After graduation, he completed the professional training of apitherapy and received the title of specialized preventive medicine.

Marina Morozkin knowledge of science etc.. Grigory Grabovoja gain in its individual seminars and practical sessions with the author, which has reached a high level. Knowledge handing out, an accessible, Acquired in an easily comprehensible manner.

in 2000 It has obtained a certificate of completion of the training and the recommendation of Dr.. Grigory Grabovoja for the implementation of training seminars in Europe and other countries around the world.

It has a large number of results from the use of techniques Dr.. Grigory Grabovoja on the management of events. her experience, Management-related events, health related, in the form of formal testimonies on international forms published in the book by Dr.. Grigory Grabovoja "Practice management - the way of salvation, 3. of the".

Together with the N. R. Morozkino is co-author of ten books, aimed at popularizcija and dissemination of doctrine. He describes the experience of studying and application of techniques for the management of health and Events.

Since 2012 expanding knowledge Grigory Grabovoja via EHL Development in the form of vebinarjev. She taught in Lithuania, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary and Thailand, where knowledge is spread through direct translators from Russian, language, which is the primordial institution doctrine Grigory Grabovoja.

In the years 2014 – 2015 the program "Introductory Course" training program Grigory Grabovoja "" trained more than 150 lecturers teaching of Grigory Grabovoja in the above countries

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