Grigori Grabovoi

Grigori Grabovoi

Doctrine of Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi "About salvation and harmonious development"

Grigori Grabovoi the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, academic, author of the discovery of space information creative and original works for the prediction of future events, their management and repair. He was born 14. 11. 1963 v vasi Kirovski (former Bogara), district Kirov, region Shymkent in Kazakhstan. Numeric string for full compliance is his birthday: 14111963.

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"Man is able to change their own awareness information, as well as to manage events in all areas of your life. "

Raise their consciousness through perception. If you change the focus of their perceptions, We also changed our consciousness. By varying their consciousness change our reality, and thus the appearance and condition of our world. Their knowledge is Grabovoj described in many books and delivered to over 350 lectures.

"This Doctrine I wrote, to drawer tool Salvation each in their own use. The aim is to teach the Doctrine of each individual, group of people, public organizations, how to resolve potential global catastrophe and how to work towards a creative harmonious development. Depending on the goal, I first check the personal law of salvation based on their own Consciousness.
Everyone, winning the Doctrine, You can realistically redeem themselves and all around them in terms of potential global catastrophe. It may be possible disaster caused by the existing nuclear, bakterioloških, chemical or other forms of weapons, by man-made, or a possible global catastrophe due to any adverse external systems.
The aim of this lesson is also demonstrated, it is completely renewable every matter, any information, because the uni?learning simply absurd. "
Grigori Grabovoi

Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi is constantly evolving, but remains the overall objective always and above all salvation and harmonious development of the world, hence the name doctrine "O salvation and harmonious development", Russia: "About saving and harmonious development".

7. October 1999 It entered into force on its patent for invention:"Method of disaster prevention and regulation of its feasibility."

In the patent description given justification way normalization of events with the use of a normalization bio-signals: scientific, instrumental and validated with real results. Thus, the patented method, proving, that reading and learning part of Grigory Grabovoja promotes the normalization of the events of man towards eternal development. Normalization of human events in the direction of eternal development is feasible, therefore,, because the man prevents the destructive phenomena in our own organism and environment, surrounded by, using their consciousness. Consciousness thinking generates bio-signals and also organizes eternal life.

Grabovoi see the salvation of the world as a whole and each individual, which is part of and development in accordance with the eternal creative development. It is based on the assumption, that there is a Creator, which is recognized by all cultures and religions. His knowledge is not religion, but knowledge about life.

The purpose of his work is to prevent a catastrophe of global proportions with the use of the surveillance of consciousness and at the same time to achieve their own goals. This objective will be achieved through the expansion of this new knowledge, with the active participation of each individual, and adopting a personal and individual responsibility.

Raise their consciousness through perception.

If you change the focus of their perceptions, We also changed our consciousness. By varying their consciousness change our reality, and thus the appearance and condition of our world.

Obout this Grigori Grabovoi wrote a book: Revival of human and eternal life - our reality from now on

Russia: The resurrection and eternal life of people - now our reality!

Our world is at a crossroads, at the crossroads, where we need to reach a consensus. On the one hand, our Earth is full destructive potential, weapons in immense quantities, continued suffering, poverty, disease and repression Nations; On the other hand, we experience a new level of consciousness - its constantly rising.

Continued use of his doctrine allows experiencing increasing awareness, giving us an opportunity to escape the growing number of people. Every serious soul at the same time cause tonic comply in their environment and, consequently, the harmonious development of the world.

The result will be conscious complete freedom, when we consciously identify with the Creator.

Since people are unique and distinguished from each other, the restoration of our body (let alone compliance around the world) difficult to get to a single universal procedure. Now each of us can choose their 'own' method, which can be best carried out, and that it is the most fun.